Top Of The Pops

Top of the Pops was a popular long running UK TV show where chart records were played along with new releases. Bands would appear in the studio and mime to their hits and in some cases records were played while dance troops performed to the recording and/or videos were shown.
The list below is of the DC5 records played on the programme, it does not mean the group actually appeared in person, that will be indicated in due course.

01-01-1964 Glad All Over
08-01-1964 Glad All Over
15-01-1964 Glad All Over
22-01-1964 Glad All Over
19-02-1964 Bits & Pieces
26-02-1964 Bits & Pieces
04-03-1964 Bits & Pieces
11-03-1964 Bits & Pieces
18-03-1964 Bits & Pieces
03-06-1964 Can't You See That She's Mine
17-06-1964 Can't You See That She's Mine
24-06-1964 Can't You See That She's Mine
22-10-1964 Anyway You Want It
24-12-1964 Glad All Over
20-05-1965 Come Home
10-06-1965 Come Home
01-07-1965 Catch Us If You Can
22-07-1965 Catch Us If You Can
29-07-1965 Catch Us If You Can
05-08-1965 Catch Us If You Can
12-08-1965 Catch Us If You Can
09-09-1965 When
27-10-1966 Nineteen Days
16-03-1967 You Got What It Takes
09-11-1967 Everybody Knows
16-11-1967 Everybody Knows
23-11-1967 Everybody Knows
12-09-1968 Red Balloon
03-10-1968 Red Balloon
21-11-1968 Live In The Sky
27-11-1969 Good Old Rock N Roll
18-12-1969 Good Old Rock N Roll
26-12-1969 Good Old Rock N Roll
01-01-1970 Good Old Rock N Roll
15-01-1970 Good Old Rock N Roll
26-02-1970 Everybody Get Together
26-02-1970 Everybody Get Together
05-03-1970 Everybody Get Together
19-03-1970 Everybody Get Together
18-06-1970 Here Comes Summer
29-10-1970 More Good Old Rock 'N' Roll
24-06-1971 Won't You Be My Lady
27-12-1973 Bits & Pieces (extract)
09-07-1981 Bits & Pieces
05-05-1983 Bits & Pieces
05-01-1984 Everybody Get Together
05-01-1984 Everybody Get Together
31-12-1988 Bits & Pieces

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